Introducing airRM

Our latest airline revenue management system – airRM – was designed in partnership with a number of the most successful new entry airlines in the world. The result is a system that is broad in feature and function, yet focused on helping the users at your airline take full advantage of available information in order to make better, more profitable decisions.

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A New Perspective

Traditional RM systems focus on individual flight departures, providing users with tools to help them make decisions and examine information – one departure at a time.

While airRM also allows for this level of examination, it also provides users at your airline the ability to examine flights from a larger and more integrated perspective. Imagine the ability to display information for all flights in a market, for a week, on a single interactive screen. Or imagine the ability to display all flights for the next month where your competitor has a lower available fare and then being able to update all those flights at once with the action you desire. Selectable numeric and color-coded indicators allow users to see what is happening at your airline at a single glance and to understand the integrated relationship of surrounding flights.

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Critical Information When You Need It

airRM provides users at your airline with the critical information they need to make informed allocation decisions. Users are able to perform “what if” analysis on flights and examine different scenarios for managing inventory.

Average fare, current seats available, total bookings, local bookings, connecting bookings, current revenue, remaining demand, forecasted boardings, optimal AUs, and real-time bookings by bucket are just a few of the 60 or more display options to choose from in the airRM Optimization Worksheet.

Competitor fares, look-to-book statistics, OD crossing traffic, surrounding flights in the market, seasonal patterns, recent flight and market bookings build, effective and discontinued fare basis codes, and user-selectable graphs are just a few of the many types of integrated information available to users.

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Powerful Reporting Tools

airRM stores a tremendous amount of historical information and provides users with a powerful, ad-hoc reporting solution. Users may create reports on the fly, save them to be run again at any time, edit saved reports to get a different result, graph the results, or export the results in a number of formats. Saved reports can be scheduled for automatic generation and then sent to a selected printer or list of email addresses.

Authorizations, availability, bookings, revenue, pickup, no-show, go-show, current load factor, forecasted load factor, revenue per available seat mi/km, and revenue per revenue seat mi/km are just a few of more than a hundred reporting elements that are available for detail or summary reporting.

Until you have seen the airRM reporting capabilities, it is impossible to understand the power available at your user's fingertips.

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Proven Forecasting Technology

airRM incorporates sophisticated, proven forecasting models that are influenced by year-over-year history, recent behavior, seasonal patterns, competitive fare positions, look-to-book ratios, and user-defined events. Individual forecast variables and weights may be configured at a system, market, or flight departure level.

Forecast analysis tools allow for in-depth examination of the information used to build forecasts for individual flight departures. Users are able to examine, modify reconfigure, recalculate, and assign specific forecasts to flights.

Forecast accuracy tools allow for an in-depth examination of the accuracy of forecasts created by the system, over time.

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An Optimizer For Every Situation

Optimization models have evolved to meet the demands of the airline industry – from the Littlewood EMR model, through several generations of EMSR models, and on into today’s price elasticity based models. airRM delivers all of these optimizers together in a single product. This provides your airline with the flexibility to select the best optimizer for your particular situation, with the goal of maximizing revenue on every flight and throughout the network. Individual optimization variables may be configured at a system, market, or flight departure level.

Optimization analysis tools allow users to examine historical allocation decisions and to simulate results based on different optimizers.

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Integration Of Third Party Information

In addition to the normal data received from your airline’s reservation system, airRM consumes and integrates a number of specialized data files from third party vendors.

  • Competitive fare information from companies such as QL2 and Infare.
  • ATPCO tariff and rules information.
  • Look-to-Book information from companies such as Omniture.
  • US DOT T-100 and DB1B information.
  • PNR-Level detail information.
  • Web services real-time booking requests and real-time updates.*

* Certain reservation systems only.

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A Complete Set Of Supporting Tools

airRM provides a complete set of supporting tools to ensure that users are efficient, effective and in control. Over 100 different tools are available for overview, analysis, drill down, reporting, graphing, flight alerts, maintenance, administration, managerial oversight, data load, system configuration, and system security.

Access to each tool is controlled individually for each user and access to the system is password protected and the use of our system is highly customizable, with over 450 different variables to choose from in the airRM Application Configuration tool alone.

airRM is compatible with virtually any major reservation system and the tools are compatible with both leg-based and OD-based RM.

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The principals at Revenue Management Systems, Inc. have specifically developed airRM for, and in cooperation with, airlines looking to have an advantage in today’s highly competitive airline industry.

In addition to the features and functions expected from a traditional system, airRM provides a new perspective in airline RM with ground-breaking tools not available in any other system on the market today. airRM integrates and displays a wealth of critical information from multiple sources and provides the tools needed to take full advantage of fleeting opportunities in the marketplace. airRM is a comprehensive and robust solution that is focused on helping users make better, more efficient, more informed, and, ultimately, more profitable decisions for your airline.

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