Revenue Management Systems, a Mercator company

Working with some of the most successful airlines around the world, Revenue Management Systems has developed the most effective and best value revenue management systems available today. With foundations built on forecasting and optimization, airRM and airRMexpress have been custom tailored for their respective airline markets.

airRM helps airlines prosper in competitive markets, providing them with critical information such as competitive fare and look-to-book ratios. New routes and rapid changes are easily managed with the multitude of tools available in airRM while comprehensive reporting capabilities reveal a true picture.

Newly introduced and specially designed for small airlines, airRMexpress brings tools and capabilities previously unheard of in this segment of the industry.

Learn more and find out why over 70 airlines such as AirAsia, Avianca Brasil, Condor, flydubai, Jetstar and Ryanair rely on our software solutions.